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YOU! Personal Branding in the age of Social Media

The most important resource of any organization is its human capital. That means without the human touch (involvement), to strategize, execute, etc., the organization stands no chance of seeing the light of day. Basic human resource. Take this same idea, and make it personal. More working-class people are turning to business, either the conventional buying or selling of actual products and services or just the affiliations and partnerships which rather sells by image association and so forth.

In the age of social media, personal branding has become the norm. Personal branding is the idea of making YOU, the person, and your most important selling point. This is your public persona, your uniqueness, skills, experiences and all things that make you special and building a reputation around them. It’s putting out your values or what you believe in and wants to be associated with.

We put out a lot of information to the public on different social media platforms more occasionally, and personal branding means we carefully select how to portray ourselves to the public, how we want others to feel about us. It focuses on reputation over talent, specifically on how effectively one can package oneself.

Of course, personal branding changes how big corporations do their marketing now. More companies are outsourcing, choosing to align their products and or company image with ‘influencers’ who are strategically well labelled on social media platforms for better visibility. For example, the shoe brand Sketchers sending out products to social media users with strong personal brands, who may have a following that is within Sketchers’ target market, resorts that invite Tik Tok famous users to stay for periods and movie houses that use this same strategy to promote the release of new movies.

Whether we like it or not, each one of us has a personal brand identity. We could put more effort into our brands by clearly aligning ourselves with the values we stand for, or just leave it to fate. Clients, followers and even recruiters now would rather approach people who have an outstanding and well-articulated public presence to associate themselves with, rather than go for profiles that state skills and talents but no visibility.

YOU are your brand’s selling point. Create a lasting impression on others, let them think of you even in your absence because of how you made them feel. What are you good at? Take it, and create a reputation around it. Is it cooking? Post aesthetically pleasing content, and when others see food, let them be reminded of you. You never know who’s watching, your next breakthrough could be knocking soon. With a solid personal brand, bigger companies seek you out for sponsorships or partnerships, which can lead to bigger things.

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