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Windhoek Fashions Week features Leena Shipwata.

A lot know her face from the runaway fashion shows and the Saturday breakfast show. This year, 24 year old, Leena Shipwata, will showcase her talent and passion at the Windhoek Fashion Week.  

Who Is Leena Shipwata?

“I was born at Oupamako village in the northern part of Namibia but raised in Windhoek by my grandparents, however, I was groomed by my father into modeling. My body height, and features fits well into the modeling world. I tried it and it worked out. Fortunately, social media fans supported my passion, and now, I have been recognized by designers to work with and display their work. Although, what paid off the most is that “I always took time to be part of campaigns in order to help others until my face became popular.” 

Modeling created a personality in me to always be at the right place at the right time. I got up every morning chasing my dreams because of the passion to outgrow myself through social networking and knowing the ware a-bouts of talent shows. Katutura is filled with great talent and my initial goal is to help others through a state of the art entrainment school to grow the nation. This I will strive for, says Leena Shipwata.

Caption Photo contributed. Model, Leena Shipwata.

Dream it, live it, see it and live it”

This year, the Windhoek fashion week will deliver the best fashion week ever to be seen. People should and support the local brands, and the modeling talent live at Avanni Hotel.

Windhoek Fashion Week

The Fifth edition of the Windhoek Fashion Week, will display local designer’s talent through the Namibian and African landscape. It will comprise of emerging and established clothing, jewelry, and shoes designers, as well as make-up artists.

This year, MTC sponsored the event with N$ 3.6 million, fashioning for a bigger and better fashion week. Showcasing for collections will be: House of Tsatago, Proud by Pewa. The break of Dawn, Strike by Ally Tobias, Earth by Abre creations, House of Poulton, MN Creations, Concept by Cassidy Karon, Couture by Kimatheus, Toto by Towa and Sirange Streetware. The Windhoek Fashion Week will run from 1st to 6th of December, 2020, at Avani Hotel.

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