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When you see this bicycle move through the streets of Grootfontein, please give your support

Frans & Elmarie du Raan may have struggled during the Covid-19 pandemic, but to date, they have managed to make a mark in the tourism industry, with their business exploring different innovations.

Located in Grootfontein, the business does marketing and reservations for a small portfolio of establishments in Namibia. They told Biashara newspaper that, like many entrepreneurs, their business faced not only the quotidian stresses of living through a global pandemic, they also are grappling with ever-changing health and safety standards, managing potentially hostile customers and spending money on the business expenditures, all while bringing in significantly less revenue.

“We are both in the Tourism industry but, due to COVID-19 and the hard lockdowns it brought with it, our business came to a standstill. COVID has changed our world, nothing will ever be the same, even after a vaccine is available. Instead of procrastinating, we kicked into survival mode” Frans explained.

But it’s the determination that kept them going. They planned to use innovations adopted during the pandemic to drive revenue and generate new opportunities as the economy recovers. Elmarie started producing homemade preserves, baked bread, cakes and cookies. She launched her own online Deli.

“As it is with anything new, we faced challenges and disappointments but, the long hours and determination are paying off. No matter how hard it is, keep on going!” he added

The birth of Icicle Bicycle

Icicle Bicycle became another idea under our Deli. Specially designed for the narrow streets of Grootfontein, the Ice Cream Bicycle has become the most preferred model in this segment. Featuring an easy to navigate and superior turning radius the offered model is a convenient option to sell ice cream in harsh weather of Grootfontein.

“Grootfontein is a very hot and humid place in summer. The fond memories of ice-cold ice cream bought from a bicycle with a bell suddenly rang a bell in Elmarie’s head! Why don’t we get a bicycle that resembles the old fashioned ice cream bike we knew as children? We did exactly that. It’s now been on the streets of Grootfontein town for weeks and surprisingly doing very well. It’s a success from day one – Icicle Bicycle Grootfontein” Frans added

When you see this bicycle move through your streets, please give your support. Give your kids a few pennies to spend on something sweet and cool. They explained that this initiative will generate a small income for someone in need of employment. Icicle Bicycle was born out of an entrepreneurial idea which is fun and brings back fond memories from an era when small and simple things were appreciated.

The excitement of a child hearing the bell of an ice cream bicycle is as rewarding as the sweet taste of HAPPINESS! Zeno Herman is the lucky guy who immediately jumped to the opportunity to do the rounds on the Icicle Bicycle in town. He is a very friendly chap with an open and honest face.

“Zeno not only enjoys interacting with his customers, he now has a pleasant job with a better income. Every day he sets a new target with the sales of his ice creams. If all goes well, he might be able to expand the business and move up the ranks. Ice cream sells well in the summer, we will be working on other ideas to offer something nice during winter” Frans said.

He concluded that their goal is to develop this small business into a lasting success and encourage other young people to think out of the box and put their energy into something productive. Please do let me know if you have any questions or require more info and images.

The Grootfontein-based business can be contacted via their direct Tel: +264 (0)67-240-902 or their emergency office Cell: +264 (0)812763974. For quotes and enquiries, you can email them on

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