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When you market your book on the right platforms, you reach customers ready to do business

When “MASKED WARRIOR: ALL AT ONCE” novel, hit the market in 2020, it set the fictitious world on fire, sold to about fifteen people per day in the first week, a novel which combines fiction and non-fiction, in terms of character and plots even got nominated by Author Academy Awards in the United States of America together with more than 100 writers from different parts of the world.

Biashara newspaper meets the author Ndinaelao Moses, who shares some insights on how authors make money through book sales. She explained that the first time, authors struggle to get money for printing and its quiet hard, however, in her case, she had put aside a few pennies for the publication of her long awaited book.

“I made sure I saved up for this book because I wanted to share my story, I couldn’t keep it to myself and I had a wonderful recitation of it in my head waiting to pen it down and  let the world read about it.  I, then printed three times and the first two prints didn’t even last a month. I made money, I even made enough to invest in some ventures and some I used it on my personal needs” she explained.

Ndinaelao emphasized that like any other business, marketing is key for every author. She added that marketing and promotion should begin before the release of a book, which is why establishing an audience and branding is so important. Having a strategic marketing plan and profile-raising tactics helps build excitement and momentum for a book and eventually helps to distinguish it in the market.

“I guess I made enough noise about the book, my friends, my family members, my social media acquaintances and everyone was excited to read my book.  My friends and family made sure they shared with the world, through their social media platforms. I had my story covered in the local newspapers which earned me more readers. I also had an interview with NBC Television and NBC Radio, the book was also on African news,  I think managed by a South African, it also appeared on Kenya Television; the book was all over and I had no doubt it was going to sell big. ”

Even though MASKED WARRIOR: ALL AT ONCE could not make it into the top ten of what she labeled “a tight competition”, Ndinaelao states that she is happy to have made the cut into a group of more than 100 great authors on earth.

“Competition is a good thing, I didn’t even see the nomination coming; I was astonished and filled with joy. The nomination was my first reward for publishing ‘MASKED WARRIOR”, I couldn’t be more proud” she writes. Quiet a big number of ‘MASKED WARRIOR” copies have been sold on Amazon while local customers are flocking the Nampost offices daily to collect their copies. She testified that the book has positively changed her life and she will be forever grateful.

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