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When Passion Meets Hard work

Izzy Autanga is the embodiment of “clothes brand” rising

local entrepreneur and a logistics graduate. He is also an art fanatic and entrepreneur in the cloth branding and photography industry; he offers a well- rounded perspective of the two industries

The Brand: Prosper Clothing Wear

The Founder: Ismael “Izzy” Autanga

I wear many hats: I am a photographer, a logistics graduate and part –time business consultant. Over the years getting stressed became so common in the lives of young people, specifically the graduates, getting your qualification and not being able to secure a job, or having to deal with a job that pays them a minimum wage; I ignored all that and started thinking of ground-breaking ways to make money. It wasn’t easy though, my overall well-being eventually took a physical, mental and emotional tumble. I continued to work hard until one day I discovered my purpose in photography and that was also the birth of “Prosper Wear” the brand.

“Prosper wear” the brand: Because I felt like the money I got from my parents was never going to be enough for me, I started looking for business ideas. I tried out Forex trading, didn’t work out, tried to open a liquor shop, all these idea faced; I was terrified.  I started thinking of ways to move on from the failure. That was what inspired me to re-infuse the love into the process of clothes’ branding hence the birth of “Prosper Wear”. I must admit that starting a clothing brand is one of the easiest things to do in this era however, it is much harder. One of the secrets to clothing brand longevity that not many are sharing is good marketing and graphic presence. I became a catalyst of my brand’s success through lots of marketing and brand awareness.

My brand has grown: I focused on finding genuine products for my customers because I was empathetic towards their needs and embedded routines. My designs were always centered around the messages and comments they left on my social media platforms and it gave me an insight into their unmet needs. The brand “Prosper” now makes my customers feel understood and catered for, which also resulted in good sales.

Diverting into the photography industry: As a brand owner, one needs to think beyond the clothing brand itself and venture into other advances. During deliveries, my clients demanded for pictures, I use to do it with my cellphone but I realized a good photoshoot could be awe-inspiring. I then bought a camera and started taking professional pictures which eventually turned into a career of its own. Every idea can work, you just need to begin.

Some of Prosper’s products include t-shirts, hoodies, Long sleeves, Tops, Golfers, Balaclavas, Mugs & Gazebos. Customers can Book for photoshoots via email reflectionphotography00@gmail.com  or by calling 0813372288 | 0813660258.

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