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Tuli’s Beauty Palace

When companies were laying off staff in the middle of a pandemic, Princess Shiimi found herself among those that were left out in the cold. And this was in August 2020. But because of her determination coupled with the skills she had acquired, she refused to be destitute but instead went to work. Immediately, Princess established her beauty business with a speciality in microblading, application of lashes and nails. All things she was all too familiar with. To date, Tuli’s Beauty Palace has an established client base and a following of over a thousand followers on Instagram, which says a lot considering it’s a new business.

“I developed a love for painting myself, making myself beautiful, I used to watch YouTube tutorials on how to apply makeup properly. Eventually, I got a job working for an aviation company, and we were compelled to always make ourselves up for work.” Princess explained.

The standard requirement in most workplaces when it comes to the overall image is usually that employees must look their best, personal grooming is enforced to the max. With the know-how in makeup and nail application, Princess decided to go one further by investing in a short course in microblading. Microblading is a new trending technique that is used to create ‘fuller’ brows by semi-tattooing hair strokes in the brow line. Semi because it is not permanent, it wears off after some time. After the first procedure, a second procedure may only be done for 45 days and a retouch might only be done after it fades. Usually, this only happens after 3 years, depending on how oily a person’s skin might be. Fading happens faster for people with oilier skins.

“Microblading saves you time and money. Once you get it done, it can last up to three years, and all you need to do is get retouch done occasionally. Which also depends on your skin type. This saves you the time especially when you are getting yourself ready, it now takes you half the time because your brows are already done.”  Princess added.

Tuli’s Beauty Palace is in Windhoek, and although it is run exclusively by Princess herself, the business is mobile. She works according to bookings either via email or calls. Depending on where the demand is, she takes her business to the clients outside of Windhoek to other towns like Swakopmund, Tsumeb and Ongwediva.

She emphasizes on the importance of putting yourself out there, especially for those who are unemployed. “Some people just want to be home, especially the youth. Don’t wait for someone to come and save you. If you like something, get up and do it. Yes, there are challenges. But challenges are always there, in every business.”

Princess not only has skills in making others beautiful, but she is also a Secretarial Administration graduate from the International University of Management (IUM) and worked as a Receptionist at New Era and did part-time marketing for the now-defunct Southern Times newspaper. Skills are essential in business operations.

Tuli’s Beauty Palace has been getting clients from referrals from their clients, and that says a lot about customer satisfaction.

For bookings, Tuli’s can be reached at +264812367975, or at .

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