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The Power of Cool Lies in the Cologne You Are Wearing

The other day I walked around smelling like someone who was baptized in a cocktail of perfumes because of this sales lady who has an aiming problem.

I use Blue for men or Soviet, and that’s what I asked for when I walked into this shop. But because this lady wanted me to buy other perfumes that cost more, she kept spraying me with different perfumes in a bid to convince me to buy them. She was supposed to spray Avon on my hand for me to smell, but I think my dope beard was confusing her so she aimed at other areas.

I have had to tell this story to everyone giving me a weird look for them to withdraw their silent but harsh judgement. Also, she changed my mind on where to procure perfumes from. Nowadays I use Soviet for men and Alina Nambinga is my plug.

A man must smell nice, women love that. I try to smell nice, even though the colognes I buy from Alina do not cost an arm and a leg. As a result, I usually have a small monthly budget for perfumes and to be honest, I have many cologne boxes in my wardrobe because I am also a man who doesn’t throw things.

Alina will offer you different perfumes: brand perfume, designer perfume, men and women perfume, male and female perfume, cologne, fragrance, scent, Arabic perfume, Latin perfume, Muslim perfume, Indian perfume, etc. Call or text on +264 81 386 7571. Let’s all smell good!

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