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The Music Must Go On

As the pandemic rages on, people are coming up with ways to keep afloat financially. The ideas are mostly for self-preservation as well as immediate financial gain. Take local artist Kalux for example, who has gone ahead and introduced his Ewallet for a song initiative. What this means is that you could transfer money electronically to a given cellphone number on a specific day and receive one of the artist’s songs. This initiative was introduced in 2020 during the first lockdown.

“Covid-19 has really affected everyone badly. For artists in the music industry, I guess I can say it’s a two-way thing. The lesson we can take away from this is to learn to manage our finances. We get paid from music, so not making money is a big challenge. You can’t pay for the studio, or for music videos” Kalux said.

The ‘Tita’hitmaker also has a clothing brand which he says is doing well and thanks to his fans for their support. The self-professed workaholic has been busy in the studio cooking up music as come pandemic or rain, the music must go on. 

Kalux cautions others to keep to the current Covid-19 regulations to help the efforts of the government in helping to fight the virus.

“As youth, sometimes we really are ignorant. But I also think that the government could take a step to use local influencers like musicians, who have a much wider reach, to the message to the people. This, I think will encourage people in being open to vaccines and so on. Other than that, let’s mask up, socially distance and always make sure to pray, without God, we can’t do anything about this at all.”

Look out for new music from Kalux coming up soon. For the time being, you can send an N$50.00 Ewallet to 0814964348 for a song from Kalux.

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