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The Minister of Industrialization, Trade and SME Development visits the Thikamapo Biogas plant

The Minister of Industrialization, Trade and SME Development Hon. Lucia Iipumbu on Thursday, visited the Thikamapo Biogas and Farming cc plant in Oshikuku to see the developments under this project. 

Thikamapo Biogas and Farming cc, a member of the Otshikuku Trade Association, is a project that produces small scale organic fertilizers from waste products which can be used for cooking. The fertilizer is currently being utilized by people of Oshikuku and the nearby surroundings.

This visit was a response to the 2020 invitation to the Thikamapo Biogas and Farming cc’ official inauguration that took place last year at the Oshikuku Town Lodge. The minister decided to visit their plant, to hear from the horse mouth and observe by herself. Hon. Iipumbu was impressed with the work done under this project, as she walked around the co-working space at Thikamapo’s business farm. 

During the official visit, the project owner, Vilho Kalimbo presented to the minister the current trends successes and challenges of this project. The minister pledged government support through her ministry and other stakeholders within the government, insisting that projects such as this are very crucial to the country’s economy and tipped the project to grow and provide jobs to young people. 

The Industrialization minister also informed Thikamapo about the organizations that support or fund the renewable energy programmes which are meant to conserve the environment, at the same time advising the project manager to engage Millennium Vocational Digital Training Institute for advice on the manufacturing of biogas products that can be made locally and need vocational skills such as biogas stoves.

Hon. Iipumbu added that her ministry will give a support letter to Thikamapo, which will be an important document throughout the project’s marketing process especially to government and private institutions.

Source: Vilho Kalimbo; Thikamapo Biogas and Farming founder

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