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The Magic Is In the Dollar

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur in the corona era?

Does it mean business as usual as it did a decade ago? For the likes of Toivo Kamati and Cecilia Iita, being part of the working class or just being a student is not enough. Just as most Namibians live on a N$1.00 a day for the inspired and motivated young entrepreneurs, a dollar goes a long way.

For a family man, Toivo dedicates his hustles to his family, having a daily job is just not enough anymore. Even though it takes a lot of his spare time, it is worth it when his family gets to live comfortably. Toivo, who came from Luderitz to the big city never imagined life to change so much for him. It was so hard at the beginning he says, before applying for the firefighting job at an aviation company, he used to rent a small room but today he can provide a home for his family.

Toivo, who owns ‘Om Toy’s hotdogs and a car wash’, says the opportunities are there, it is merely up to you to grab them and make them work for you. “Even if you are called a copycat, just continue to push and turn whatever you do into something better. Always add a personal flair to what you do. If it doesn’t work the first time around, the goal is to never give up; as nothing good comes from giving up.”

While the likes of Toivo do it for survival, others do it out of passion, loving what you do matters. For Cecilia Iita, her love for crochet turned into a form of income. The beautiful and talented lady decided to turn her passion into income after purchasing one of Colour Crochet’s items for herself. She remembered always playing with her dolls and dressing them in items she had made, this inspired her to do the same for herself.

After asking Colour Crochets to teach her, the young lady couldn’t wait for the business lady’s busy schedule to clear up, so she turned to the internet to perfect her skills. Even with a busy study schedule that comes with being a second-year student. She used every spare second she had to master the art of crochet, soon her hobby turned into a money-making empire. She started receiving orders online, her clientele increased. She had to look for better ways to manage her busy student life and her newfound gold coin business.

Imagine using that data to gain a skill or two. What are you doing two hours after you get home from your daily job? Do you have the potential to be inspiring like Toivo or are you spending the money and data your parents work so hard to provide on NETFLIX and chills? Imagine if you could pay for that cellphone bill yourself by just gaining a new skill.

We live on borrowed time Namibians; the government cannot provide us with everything. Sometimes we need to help ourselves. This beautiful country is full of talented youth.

Ask yourself, what can I do to bring my part? Am I going to be the next Toivo and Cecilia by waking up and roaming the streets? What can I do to get that N$1.00? The difference is in the DOLLAR.

Skills are gained through trials and tribulations, so young Namibians copy that idea, perfect it and make it yours.  You can reach the young entrepreneurs on their mobiles Toivo Kamati 0812078145 and Cecilia Iita 0816880130 make your orders and support Local Tale

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