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The Economy Is Bad but Good Mental Health Is Important In the Covid 19 Pandemic

It is very normal that people are experiencing, stress, fear and worries during the context of covid-19 pandemic. The uncertainty of what the pandemic might bring tomorrow is a real threat to the emotional well-being of many people, so people are living in dismay.

Apart from the fear of losing our loved ones and contracting the virus, we are left to deal with the traumas of such, we are left to deal with anxiety attacks, depression and a whole mental health to balance. At times people go through huge mental break downs, all because of how they are no longer safe and thoughts of what they should do to survive hard times like this.

As we are in the middle of the pandemic, many a times majority are freaking out not knowing what to do, some are finding themselves infected by the virus, having to battle it while others are those living with people infected. With the daily increasing number of corona deaths, individuals are finding it hard to deal with the trauma imposed by the virus hence struggling to keep sane. Simultaneously, conditions that are brought by the virus, matters of lock down and restrictions of movements, business closure and loosing of jobs or loosing of bread winners leave people with a mental break down.

However, it is very advisable for people to remain strong and protect our mental health. We are advised not to panic, but rather adhere to the rules and regulations. We should wash our hands regularly, wear our mask, and practice social distance at all cost and once infected, we should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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