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The Art of Photography with RK

Inspired by photography, Roger Kapepu, owner of RK_Photography started his journey not more than three year ago, and now he is the photographer every Namibian celebrity wishes to book. The young photographer shared his journey with Biashara news.

“I was inspired by a friend into the photography industry in my second year of Mechanical Engineering at NIMT, and took on the passion to create the brand known as RK Photography. Like any other start-up photography work, I started from humble beginnings by charging N$60.00 for every 10 photos. I was mostly based in Swakopmund at the moment, and later moved to the capital city for opportunities, after I graduated. The business was going well until, business expenses started arising and I  was forced to increasing the prices, which became another obstacle, so I embraced the rule of quality over price.

I guess this is when people stared appreciating my art more. As a business person I invested into the equipment, marketed my work on social media, and from there clients kept calling for more bookings.”

Every time I work with a client, I deliver my best from end to end, for best quality photo work. However, the secret to growth was making sure that clients felt appreciated and comfortable at the spot. This always sets the right attitude on every click of the picture, expressed Roger.

Caption: The art of RK Photography, with Pombili Shilongo.

Currently, Roger has so far worked with Namibian celebrities such as Lewis Munana, Maria Nepenmbe and on  a Gender based Violence awareness project with Pombili Shiliongo. Although, he has grown enormously the young photographer still accommodates conventional clients and events.

Asking if COVID-19 affected his business bookings, he actually states that it has been doing better than expected, because he had clients calling every day for bookings. In addition, he kept advertising and using his business reservoirs to do promotional work. “Every business should always have a business emergency back-up plan, for such scenarios”

The best word I can offer to photographers’ on the raise is to learn and be unique, because photography is a limitless art, and every day is room for new work, says Roger.

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