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Support the Distribution of Good to Less Privilege through Feed the Nation Foundation

The strongest people are the ones who make time to help others; not because they do not have their problems, but because they feel the need to make an impact in the community by helping those that are more in need and are unable to help themselves.

Feed the Nation Foundation is a charity organisation that was established with the aim of helping the needy in all areas of living. Namibia is one of the countries with a very small population, but most people are still leaving in utmost poverty.  People struggle to get basic needs for example shelter, food, clean water, and clothing just to make a normal living. These people are within our communities and there are numerous ways in which we can help them.

A small donation can make a difference in a person’s life, it will surely not change the whole world but it will change that one person’s world. Giving to charity is a great way to help the needy and give them hope in life. The founder of Feed the Nation foundation, Linekela Josephat Shigwedha said that she came up with the idea of this charity organisation in 2017 because she had a strong desire to help the less privileged. She added that introduced the idea to several potential stakeholders that seconded the initiative. Since then, thirteen people joined the organisation and she was also able to secure some funds and sponsorships.

The organisation so far consists of 35 stakeholders and it has been giving donations to schools and needy learners, providing them with food, clothes, blankets and other basic needs.

Mrs Sheehama a member of Feed the Nation Foundation told Biashara news that helping people is a blessing and people should always give to the needy. “One of the most beautiful things we can do is to help one another, after all, giving is more blessed than receiving. Being kind is one of the essential need of humanity and it costs no penny to be kind. In most cases, we have more than what we need and we are in the right position to support others” She said. Sheehama added that anything that you wish to donate can make a difference in someone’s life.

 In case you may wish to donate anything, food, clothes, shelter, sanitary or money you may reach out to Mrs Sheehama at 0818719546.

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