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“Successful Forex traders think differently from the rest”- Onyege Forex Academy

Johannes Brave Iimene is a Namibian recognized Forex trader with 4+ years of trading experience. His training academy, Onyege Forex Academyis the talk of the street, getting praised through positive reviews by the people he helped make a breakthrough in the forex industry. Biashara online newspaper interviewed him as a featured trader for the month. Here is his story:

The beginning

My first experience with forex was terrible, bordering on catastrophic. About 3 years ago, my business partner and I got scammed, went into massive debt and our lives were drastically altered. So when I heard about forex a second time, a year or so after this first encounter I was extremely skeptical. I wasn’t keen to be honest. But I’ll say this. One thing I have learnt about history, is that history is irrelevant and has no place in the future. History is only ever meant to be a point of reference, never a point of permanence and that’s the attitude that sustained me.

A lot of people, who have lost in forex, or in business in general, be it through scams, pyramids, blowing a trading account or two, or just lack of knowledge, I have found tend to use their pain to stay stuck (in the past) You see; Experience whether good or bad is never meant to cause us to stagnate, but to educate.

Think about it this way.

If someone was to point a gun to your head right now. I can guarantee that nothing about the world prior to this, not even your worst experiences will matter. In fact, everything will immediately become irrelevant other than you trying to ensure that your attacker doesn’t pull the trigger. You will not even remember that sour deal that went south last week. Your single thought will be on trying to ensure that you don’t die at the hands of a mad man. My point is that history is irrelevant today.

The birth of Onyege Forex Academy

I jumped back into forex off of this ‘harsh’ truth; with a bigger dream and positive mindset this time. I jumped back in knowing that my sour experience was not more relevant or important than getting back on my feet financially and completely out of debt. The only thing that mattered was me fixing my financial future and that of my generations. I was also unemployed and I needed to make ends meet. But I was guided by passion, I knew I had to get it right one day. You lose some, you win some, but in the end the outcome is income, so they say.

That understanding caused me to dive into learning and ditch the excuses. I’m glad I did. They say it takes 3-5 years for the average person to become a profitable trader. It took me 18 months. But these were some of the hardest. I blew account after account after account. At some point like many novice traders before me, I wanted to quit. I didn’t.

To be honest, what saved me and kept me in the game was the trading group and a forex signals WhatsApp group that I launched in 2019 to help new and struggling traders make money from signals shared. At first it was all experimental. But over many months a lot of traders gained real dollar value from it and things got a little serious.

I remember one young man from Windhoek giving feedback on how in less than three months of trading with my signals, he managed to make enough money to buy a car. I was proud of him because a similar process bought me a car and I wanted to do the same for others. I was blown away! From zero knowledge to financially empowering strangers across the country.

Why is this relevant?

There are many Namibians out there who are fighting poverty and do not know how to go about overcoming this trauma. Our economy is slowly drowning into a recession and jobs opportunities are scarce. Through my business (Onyege Forex Academy) I offer lessons and give signals to beginners. We are opening our doors to any new or struggling trader, looking for quality trades that can help them grow their trading income and help them become financially empowered.

On beginners in the trading industry

In 2018, forex or this thing called trading, broke me; but ironically, this same industry, the largest financial market in the world, is what feeds me today. Talk about using your rock bottom lessons to overcome and grow.  Now, they say experience is the best teacher. Honestly, I don’t subscribe to this mentality anymore. You don’t always need experience and definitely not a bad experience for that matter to learn. You can also just avoid being foolish altogether, humble thyself and learn from those who have gone before you and save yourself not just unnecessary pain, but time.

If I had the knowledge or a mentor in forex in 2017/2018, my story would be very different. And while I am still recovering from the aftermath, I don’t regret anything, because I made some lemonade and hell yeah! Became damn good at it.

So here I am, Presenting Onyege Forex Academy, my forex coaching and mentorship business to the world.

If interested, reach me on +264 81 492 4339. I am in Windhoek.

As you do so, just know that this is very personal to me. My heart is tied to this pursuit, because I know just two years ago my friend and I were homeless and I could hardly feed us, let alone pull a five loaves and two fish miracle. So yes. I don’t play anymore where my financial future is concerned and I won’t play with yours.

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