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Shiwa’s Closet, Turning Ladies into Princesses Because That’s what They Deserve!

If for nothing else, we strive every day to be better because we don’t have the heart, or luxury, to let our readers down! We are obsessed with bringing you closer to the products and services you are looking for and fashion has never been an exception. 

Today, we introduce you to Shiwa’s Closet, a fashion house based in Windhoek which offers unique, sassy, yet modest fashion wears, bags and other accessories. We want to help our readers to pair the delicate fashionable dresses with a bag that fits, for a look that is bold, yet feminine. 

We have heard so many great words from the wise but when Oscar de la Renta said “fashion is about dressing in what’s fashionable and style is about being yourself”, we thought that was brilliant. The good news is, we have shared the contact details at the end of this article, so everyone can access these well-priced outfits and bags.

Whether you are looking for a dress for a formal occasion, a job interview or a night out with your significant other, Shiwa’s Closet is the answer. They also sell evening attires, outfits that are elegant, but also less than conservative. We have made a short list of what you would find in Shiwa’s Closet, for you.


The January sun is almost here again! Time to bring out your gorgeous legs and show out. Shiwa’s Closet has just the right piece for you. They have some wrap shorts which are great for the weather and they are ready for you to serve those honey legs. You can buy the perfect size for your body which is readily available for walk-ins. 


We wish we could show you a visual representation that gives a view of how big these travel bags are; too bad, we can only write. These beauties are still retailing at the lowest price ever. You said you wanted to travel heavier for longer vacations, your requests have been heard and they have big travelling bags for long trips. For the cheapest price, you can travel heavier, (with inside partitions), compared to the other small travel bags for your lighter travels.

Everyone’s just bagging and other fly tales cuties, Shiwa’s Closet definitely got your back. They also sell tribal backpacks, designed with love just for you. All these items are available in different colors and leather as well. They would love to ensure that you travel in style. 


Shiwa’s Closet helps you make a histrionic first impression with their stunning collection of jeans ranging from rugged ripped denims to old-school high waist ones, flattering skinny fits to stylish flared jeans. Their wardrobe features different brands that offer a blend of comfort and laidback style. The high waist jeans are our favorite because they bring out the Coca-Cola bottle shape in you. 

You can also spice up your official/casual looks with some classic bomber jackets. Their dresses are so stylish and warm that it’s almost a shame to wear a coat over them. They have Christmas and New Year special on most of their items and gadgets, call them today on +264 81 6737 538.

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