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Shange-Shali Brick-Making Machine, Making Builders’ Work Easier

Shange-Shali Trading CC is based in the northern part of the country and has been manufacturing and supplying bricks to most parts of the 4’O regions. 

With offices in Oshikango and Eenhana, the company offers a larger solution for entry-level commercial builders or suppliers as they also rent out Bricks-making machine, Concrete mixing machine and Welding machines. For domestic customers, they can make for you bricks if you have your own cement. 

Their concrete mixing machine, once fed into the mixer, the-mixer again, either automatically or manually mixes the ingredients unvaryingly. This is to ensure that the bricks made are of high density and quality. This machine is equipped with several accessories and customized with many add-ons in order to achieve specific productivity, mixing quality and life expectancy requested when building.

Relying on excellent revealing means, advanced equipment perfect machine quality and management philosophy of pursuit of excellence and sincere service, Shange-Shali Trading CC obtained customer high praise for their quality and their prices are quite lower compared to the competitor. 

The logic behind this big development in brick-making is to eliminate the traditional and hard way of making bricks which also doesn’t guarantee good quality bricks. People of Oshikango, Eenhana and nearby regions can bid now farewell to the traditional way of bricks manufacturing. Your solution is here and it has been proven, tested and referenced.

With thousands of construction works taking place in the north, people have several machines to choose from and with Shange-Shali Trading CC, your industrial equipment needs are surely met here. Contact Maliza on 0814470312 or Biora on 0817623592. You can also email them for quotations: .

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