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Salvage Space: A Delight for Online Shopping

Imagine looking for an item you want to buy. And money is no issue. You hop into one shop, salvage through, come out and into yet another. By the time you find it, it may have cost you time and several visits to other shops. Or maybe you don’t even find what you were looking for, which result in a waste of both your time and travel. This is where Salvage Space cuts you the hassle. Not only do they give you the convenience of bringing you a wide range of furniture, most of which is, code word, pre-loved, but they bring it to your fingertips without you stepping out of your home.

Salvage Space is a second-hand furniture business based in Windhoek which sells previously owned furniture of a wide variety. What gives the business its edge is the fact that it deals mainly online.

“What makes Salvage space different from the other businesses is its online element. Yes, we have a warehouse where we keep the items, where clients can come in and have a look at them but we mainly sell the items online on our website,” explained Gregory Feris, founder of Salvage Space.

The business was founded in 2020 by Gregory and is co-owned and run by himself and his partner, Claire Gall, with a small staff of 3 others. What started off as a quest to find items for his flat, led to a hobby of buying and collecting interesting pieces of furniture which he kept in storage at home for a while until it eventually turned into a business.

Gregory initially started in tourism, in 2014 he established his tour operating business, which is still running, but because of the pandemic which has dealt the hardest blow to the tourism industry, and it is not as busy as it used to be. He spends his time between the two businesses.

The furniture is all sold on Salvage Space’s website, which is user friendly, easy to navigate, has clear photos of each item and its prices. They range from kitchen to bedroom, office and even outdoor furniture. Some of it is modern, while others may attract vintage lovers. All furniture is locally sourced from auctions or private sales, with each item handpicked by the team. As the business is still a startup, most clients are in Windhoek.

Buying is no hassle and does not take up your time. Select the item/s you like, click on ‘Enquire Now’, which gives you a form to fill in. Or you contact the team via provided contact details to give them the item you need and its code, after which you are provided with banking details. Once payment is confirmed, you can then collect your items. The business is currently working on an online payment button, which will enable clients to directly pay for items directly on the website.

Gregory advises people to properly maintain their furniture so that it lasts longer by oiling it at least once a year, depending on the type of furniture. Namibia has a dry climate,

Fancy something unique for your home office, or maybe a few chairs for your garden which would not necessarily put a dent in your pocket? Salvage Space just might have what you need at your convenience. Find out what they have in their storage on their website,   

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