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Sai’s Kitchen- Her modern twist on traditional Namibian fare is not to be missed in this chilled Windhoek setting

Sai is the name that has become ubiquitous with modern cooking and putting that twist on your everyday Namibian staples. Think deconstructed chicken, well-prepared stew and some chilly mopane worms.

Located in Havana, Windhoek, Sai’s journey began back in 2017 with a braai stand and a table, where she cooked up a huge pot of matangaras and stew, with just some ripe frying up next to it.  The piquant smell of rich and spicy chicken always draw people to the kitchen which is famously known here in the capital.

Biashara team had lunch at Sai’s kitchen this afternoon, a place one would always want to eat from, It was one of those situations where I want one of everything and luckily the dishes allow for you to pick a few to make your own meal. We decided to go with matangaras, a whole heap of chicken, pap, mopane worms and traditional spinach (omboga). Sounds like a lot and it was.

Sai’s kitchen, on first impressions certainly has that Swakopmund hotel vibe, mismatching wooden tables and a seating space with an impressive setup. But its Sai’s cooking that pulls people to the kitchen.

Just like when they started 3 years ago, on top of their baby bellying stove, there are some delicious smells coming out of the kitchen.  Would we the team from Biashara eat there again? In a heartbeat, a table is booked for next week, same time; we are definitely going back there.

Sai’s new summer menu is made up of vetkoeks, matangaras, eedhingu, pap, mopane worms, omboga, oshigali, beef stew, gizzards and chicken.  They are open every day and they are also doing deliveries around Windhoek on a fee of N$28-36.  Book your meal now by calling or texting them on +264 81 7566 733. You can also visit their Facebook page at  or their Instagram .

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