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Restaurants Do Not Only Feed Us, They Shape Our Food Preferences

Restaurants are playing an increasingly important role in the food culture of Namibia; one of those is Cozinha_da_ju situated in Windhoek the capital city of Namibia.

This restaurant was founded in 2018 by a 21-years old lady named Julieta Rosia Trincheiras.  Biashara news speaks to Julieta about the role that the restaurant plays in the lives of the people.

“We deal with a variety of food. Sometimes we upgrade our menu according to customers demand” she said.  At a tender age, her mother taught her to be an independent woman. She added that her mother is the reason she is always pushing to do great things, adding that she just wants to make her mother proud. “At some point in my past I gave up; I thought I couldn’t do this. But when I remembered the promises I made to my mother, I got back on my feet and faced my challenges” She highlighted.

A successful business is not a silver spoon in the mouth. There are ups and downs here and there. Talking about the ups and downs of this life, Julieta was not spared the troubles; she did not have it easy. In the beginning, she struggled with funds and exposure to the outside world, but later she got more exposure and was able to save from the little profit she made.

“Our current challenge is finding more people to rely on when working and as well just learning more about the hospitality industry.” She added. Speaking about the competition, Julieta said that customer service is very important and a key to her business’ success. “The competition is very high and customer satisfaction is what sets you apart from the rest. Customers are looking for hygienic, well-prepared food, deliveries that are on time as per their orders.  One really has to be sensitive with their customers to make in this business.” She concluded.

The restaurant has offered employments so far to a few cooks however they are looking forward to the bigger expansion and provide more employment opportunities to Namibia youths.

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