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Relocation Made Easier From Departure to Destination

Moving or relocating can be one of the most stressful events and energy-draining at the same time. It is a big mission that requires a big lift; A1 logistics, therefore, aims at helping in relocation stress reduction by providing safe, reliable and fast logistic services.

A1 Logistics is a provider of logistic services in areas of Windhoek, Okahandja, Tsumeb, Ondangwa and Katima Mulilo. Though the company is based in the listed five towns, their services go across the whole country. Starting from office and house relocation, transportation of general goods, construction equipment and rubble removal as well as moving or relocating to any town anywhere in Namibia. 

To make sure that your loads are transported safely and faster the company consists of roadworthy vehicles and well-experienced drivers who go an extra mile to assure clients that their loads are transported faster and efficiently. When it comes to actions of relocation, people have different reasons to move. It could be moving to a newly built office or moving to a new house, though it may seem not much of a big deal when relocating because in most cases its anticipated and some might be happy because they are moving to a new environment and perhaps expecting new experiences. 

Simultaneously, this can be one of the most hectic things one could ever experience, starting from packaging overload, fear of adoption in a new environment but mostly the stress of looking for a reliable and cheapest logistic service provider at the same time having the fear of losing one’s most valuable assets due to the recklessness of logistic.

“We focus on the safety of our clients’ goods, we make sure in the end our clients are happy, no lost items, no broken goods, loads are delivered fast at the same time, safe and sound,” says a driver at A1 logistics. A1 logistics has been in the business for the past couple of years and still continues to provide the most reliable, fast relocation and moving services. They can be contacted any time at 0816011939. 

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