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Public Speaking Is Not Easy but Tarentaal Windhoek Toastmasters Club Can Help You Learn

Good public speaking skills are important in all areas of life, for we are often required to give speeches, be it at weddings, funerals, big or small events. Becoming an effective public speaker, however, requires more effort, courage and rehearsals, therefore Tarentaal Windhoek Toastmasters club is there to help individuals in their journey of becoming better public speakers.

Tarentaal Toastmasters Club (TWT) are an international communication and leadership development club whose mission is to provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.  We all get inspired but great speakers and we love listening to their speeches, these are not necessarily people that speak good English but people who express themselves in such a way that it becomes interesting listening to them. People often get anxious, palmed and extremely nervous when giving speeches or presentations. Some people have greater ideas, amazing voices and wish to be speakers but they are haunted by the fear of public speaking.

The club, therefore, helps individuals to build their skills as accomplished public speakers and help them develop an understanding of effective public speaking techniques which includes speech writing and delivery. It is normal for one to get nervous or stammer during a presentation or speech delivery, hence the club helps its members to eliminate all these fears and flaws. Through the club members learn how to talk with confidence, no one would like to listen to someone who has low self- people get bored to listen to long speeches, at TWT club you learn how to time yourself when speaking confidence. Concurrently, how to pose jokes or questions to your audience as well as how to speak without boring your audience.

In giving speeches, we expect audiences to pick up the message or ideas, but the way we communicate can get the audience lost. Members of TWT club are therefore trained on how to formulate and express their ideas effectively and be more persuasive and confident when giving presentations. They are also taught how to keep calm when nervous, how to keep focused when distracted and how to use body language or posture to make the speech pleasanter.

“I must say being part of this team, Tarentaal Windhoek Toastmasters club allows me to grow outside my comfort zone” Beata K Ashikuni. She added that the journey to becoming a better speaker does not mean leading you to become a television host or an MC at events but it enables one to be able to stand at any place and at any time and represent themselves authentically.

Become the speaker you want to become, do not delay the process. Charismatic and cheerful speakers were not born that way. TWT club is there to help you gain the skills that you need to become a greater speaker. You can become whoever you want to be, it requires more effort and practical.

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