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Print with Feelingz Nation Printing CC

While digital marketing is the new normal, print industry is still alive and kicking. If anything, print marketing keeps improving as technology progresses and Feelingz Nation keeps discovering new ways in the printing industry.

Feelingz Nation is a well-known brand ambassador and owner of the ’Feelingz Nation’ clothing brand. With more than 40k Instagram followers, Feelingz is highly influential in the Namibian fashion scene. In his fashion house, you would find, hoodies, t-shirts both golfers and round necks, tops, shorts and hats, masks and more items with the ‘Feelingz Nation’ brand.

Feelingz recently opened up a commercial arm that focuses on clothes and stickers printing. His experience as a screen-printing specialist means he can print on almost anything if it has a flat edge. Alongside usual garments like t-shirts, sports shirts and hoodies, he can also do custom printed tea towels and bags, great for fundraisers, umbrellas for corporate settings, customized, hi-vis workwear, signage and even traffic cones.

Feelingz Nation printing CC is already one of the leading custom on-demand printing companies in Windhoek.  In its starting phase, it was only dealing with the print production of clothing brands, but now the company is known for implementing the latest technologies in the field of printing. They print car stickers, taxi numbers, phone stickers, wall stickers, signboards etc. The company is known for fulfilling the highest printing standards of t-shirts, hoodies, floppies, shorts, caps and many more.

If you would like to add to your collection of t-shirts, tops, hoodies and floppies, you can also get some from his stunning collection of mix-and-match prints. The branded items all read “Feelingz Nation” and are suitable for people in different age groups. If you have your design that you want to brand, call him on +264 81 378 1765. To confirm what we are talking about: visit his Instagram page

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