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Pewa’s Errand Services

Can we all just agree that 24 hours are nearly not enough to get stuff done in a day? Now, imagine having someone at your beck and call, running your errands while you take care of other pressing issues. Someone to stand in those perpetual long queues? Someone to do your grocery shopping for you? Have an assignment or document to submit but have other commitments and pressed with time? Pewa’s Errand Services has made it their business to run your errands.

The Windhoek run business has been in operation since 2020, after much careful research. Ndapewoshali Ngenokesho, or Pewa, as she is better known, is a student at the International University of Management (IUM) pursuing a degree in Education. She started the business as a way to get financially independent.

“My grandmother has been my only support financially. So last year I decided to just do something for myself to cut my dependency on my grandmother. So I did some research on how to run such a business. I was looking to start a business which required zero capital to start.” said Pewa.

Some of the services Pewa offers include; attending meetings, standing in queues, providing aftercare, grocery shopping, picking up kids from school, party planning and setting up, and dropping off and picking up of laundry, to mention a few. More like having a freelance personal assistant. 

How it works is that a client would call and book for an errand, and pay for it. To juggle school and business so that there are no clashes, Pewa makes sure to book most errands in the morning. She takes advantage of her free time and is flexible to reschedule according to her timetable, taking care not to be of inconvenience to her clients. The busiest days being around the main paydays of the 20th and end of the month when clients are really swamped with work and need a hand.

“It is a relatively new thing, I have seen a few people starting this kind of business. But I have clients who trust me. I also have contracts with certain companies. The challenges are that sometimes you come across difficult clients, but that’s normal in every work setting.” She told Biashara News.

Pewa appreciates the role that social media plays especially when it comes to getting clients. Give her a call, let her know what she can do for you so you don’t have to do it. For bookings, call +26481 486 3301

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