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Performance Evaluation: Namibian Artisans Shine in Dubai

Namibian artisans who are currently employed at Streit Security Vehicles FZ-LLC, a car assembling plant in Dubai, came out on top according to the 2020/21 employee evaluation report sent by the recruiting company to Habesha Africa Pty Ltd.  

Biashara news speaks to Mathias Iilonga, the Namibian team leader in Dubai, who said that the team felt no pressure when they signed contracts with one of the world’s best car manufacturing plant and hope to make Namibia proud in the technology sector. Professional experience such as this allows artisans to learn or improve their soft or even their hard skills.

“When we joined the company, we knew that management was following our performance and behaviour, and that authority keeps track of what we do with our time, so we manage to be more focused and less disturbed in our work, which increased our productivity and the overall productivity of the business,” said Iilonga said.

By focusing on the development of employees and the alignment of company goals with team and individual goals, supervisors at the Streit Group created a work environment that enables both employees and companies to thrive. The performance report shows that Namibian artisans scored an average of 88%.

Iilonga and 13 others joined Streit Security Vehicles FZ-LLC in February of 2020 through an initiative by the award-winning artist Lazarus Shiimi, Known by his stage name ‘Gazza’. In July 2019, Gazza, through an agent company, Habesha Africa, contacted The Streit Group, which then accepted their request to avail opportunities to 50 Namibians in the roles of Welders, Mechanics, and Auto-electrics. 

This project was supported by the Office of the President, who then linked Habesha Africa to The Ministry of Safety and Security and it had undergone a positive vetting process from their intelligence department. The program is for 2 years but renewable, depending on the performance of the individuals. 

This program will not only provide much-needed employment opportunities to the Namibian youth but will create greater exposure to global best practices and therefore contribute to capacity building and skills development. It would also take the pressure off our government as we have quite a big number of graduates sitting without jobs. 

The UAE is the go-to global destination for foreign workers; with recent reports stating some 90% of recruitment is from overseas. The Namibian artisans in Dubai have set the bar high for themselves, and the company has challenged us to send more artisans. After an impressive performance by the first intake, the recruiting company thinks overseas hires is a great way for them to reach the next level. The company has requested that we send them more artisans. 

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