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On your way to Ondangwa from Omuthiya, have your car cleaned at B1 Car Wash

From the Biashara tournament, our next stop was Ondangwa for the Northern SME Expo. On our way to Ondangwa, we had a cheese spill on the back seat of the driver side. They say “a clean car says a lot about you” so we had to get the car cleaned. The gentleman we had given lift to, told us not to worry “I know a Car Wash around here” he insisted. 

In about 5 minutes from Onalunike before Onankali, we pulled off and there it was, “B1 Car Wash” the light-board reads. We were instantly greeted by a friendly young Manager, Benzuma, who was helpful in recommending the service based upon the condition of our car. 

He didn’t even try to sell us the expensive package like most car wash would do to first-visiting customers. He rather recommended a regular car was charged for N$50. We asked him to upgrade it to bonnet-head cleaning, he said an additional N$10 was payable.  

We paid only N$60, time was roughly 15 minutes. Benzuma even showed us the dashboard shiner they use and why it was best for cars.  To us, sure we were pleased, they did a pretty awesome job! 

The man who took us there said he is a loyal customer. He said because he is a school teacher, sometimes he drops the car off there and Benzuma takes him to school, when he is done washing the car, he drives it back to him. 

“I have been going to this car wash for a few years now! I have only had good experiences and my car always looks shiny and sassy when they are done. I have had every kind of package done. They are always friendly. Benzuma usually works on my car, there are a few others during the festive season but he handles my car well; he is very detailed and accountable” the man said.

Awesome car wash and friendly staff! These guys really take the time on your car and the results prove it! Super clean, leaves your car looking brand new, we were very impressed! We are definitely coming back!

Find them alongside the B1 Road, Onyati in Oshikoto region. They wash all types of cars; you can visit their Facebook page  or call them on 0813931955. 

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