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Omsai Photography capturing photos that celebrate the time before two people say “I do”

Simon “Omsai” Haipinge is a Namibian portrait and lifestyle photographer. As an accomplished wedding and event photographer, his work has been featured in established local wedding blogs, and different social media platforms. 

Simon started by photographing and creating people’s images that reveal their beauty, mostly during school Farwell parties, weddings, shows and exhibition events. Commercially, he does private photoshoots and corporate portraits, interior photography for companies and organizations. 

The passion intensified so much that one fine day, he stopped looking for an industrial job to pursue photography. “I have been shooting for most of my life, professionally for about 5 years. I had some other jobs before that, but I decided to take up a career in photography” Simon said. 

He added that photography is an art, and it needs a lot of practice and perseverance. According to him, photographers produce images or pictures that tell a specific story, give an internal message or record an event. He explained that his love for art makes his job much easier. 

“I love to capture people’s happy memories whilst they visit different towns and exploratory places in Namibia. When people who do not know Namibia well visit the country, I take them to places and capture their moments while they enjoy their stay in here. I know all the spots; secrets, famous, romantic or urban and all things in-between” Simon added. 

The most striking feature about Omsai’s photography is his attention to details that makes him one of the finest wedding photographers in the country. “I have always been a people’s person, and I love to observe and document them. Photography allows me to get and stay really close to people” he says.

For a soothing medley of love, laughter, joy, fervor, romance, tears, entertainment, wedding, destination wedding, pre-wedding, couple/ bridal portrait and much more, drop him a text to chat about how he can best fit into your tour and help make everlasting memories of your Namibian holiday adventure. His cellphone number is 081 414 2145. You can also check out his work on his Instagram page: .Simon is based in Windhoek and Outapi.

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