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Nothing Beats Hangover like Gloria’s Lip-Smacking Favour Chilli Sauce!

The recent consumers of the sauce have just confirmed what all Windhoek city folks already know, that when it comes to hangover cures, Gloria’s Homemade Chilli sauce is your best bet.

After a night on heavy drinking, you’re most likely to be struggling with a killer hangover! Headaches, thirst, tiredness and muscle aches, at times you do not even know what to take or the kind of food to eat but this lip-smacking favour sauce kills hangover faster than anything and the reviews from old and new customers say it all. 

Biashara newspaper visited Gloria’s kitchen in Windhoek to understand the secret behind the positive reviews of her sauce. “When it comes to healthy eating, spices and chilly food get some pretty mixed reviews. But when it comes to our Chilli sauce, it speaks for itself; with its burning taste on your tongue, I can guarantee you, this is the best medicine for hangover” Gloria jokingly said. 

Gloria said that she is grateful for her sauce which attracts so many people. She added that the love and support from her customers keep her motivated as she has attained customer retention over the past months, through her policy of people coming back for refills and that earns her more referrals. The Chilli Sauce has a brand of its own and she allows people to come back for refills for a very cheap price as long as they have their first original bottles which they ordered from her. 

“I remember how I made so many people love my Chilli Sauce; people that never liked Chilli Sauce of any sort before. I can’t tell you the magic but it happens and it keeps on happening” She added 

The sauce that also makes noodles very interesting, is marketed through weddings, mostly in villages and markets that sell local products. She said together with the word of mouth, she also offers samples for customers to test and judge for themselves. 

Her sauce is now ordered countrywide and she is usually ready to do deliveries everywhere. To place your order or for more information about the source, Gloria can be contacted on +264 81 6514240 or +264 81 708 0662. You can also visit her page on Facebook” Gloria’s Homemade Chilli Sauce 

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