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Northend Solar Solutions Technologies supply Namibia with clean water.

With prolonged dry spells and high rate of evapotranspiration countrywide, Northend Solar Solutions seized the opportunity to efficiently utilize natural resources, such as underground water, to enhance the country’s social wellbeing.

Speaking to Martin Nambundunga, founder and Managing Director of Northend Solar Solutions, he elaborated that living in a country with a need for portable water, we tend to rely on underground water. “Namibians are well exposed to information regarding boreholes, unfortunately, people face financial challenges to set up boreholes. The demand for boreholes is high especially from farmers, as they want to move away from old practices of agriculture to Smart Agriculture, to increase yield. The company provides water solutions by drilling boreholes for communities in need of potable water as well as agricultural purposes either crop production or livestock farming”. So far, the company has assisted the government to combat drought relief by setting up and rehabilitating 42 water boreholes in the Omaheke region.

The reaction from communities motivates the company. When we find and drill water it’s a relief for the community and the feeling is indeed overwhelming knowing that you made people’s lives much easier. This may be an intensive business, but when you are providing a basic need for people the services are lucrative, said  Nambundunga.

Northend Solar solutions go beyond drilling water boreholes to implementing solar systems from off-grid and grid-tied systems, and additional services such as setting up solar water pumps, heaters, borehole inspections and surveys. The company is currently working on diamond, copper, lithium and oil exploration projects in the country and Bostwana, Biashara news confirms.

“We believe that everyone has the right to access portable water”

Northend Solar Solutions was founded in 2014 and now has three branches countrywide; Windhoek, Grootfontein and Oshakati, with 22 employees and three interns.

For all your solar-related services, contact Northend Solar Solutions at

Tell: +264 65 226 226

Email: info@northend-solar.com

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