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Ndatara Surveys- Focused On Surveys and Analysis for Africa

Have a study in mind but want to get an idea or feasibility or costs? Ndatara Surveys provide quick and easy research into companies, industries and countries without you having to resort to different information providers. 

Ndatara an oshiwambo word that means ‘I am looking’ is a Swakopmund-based company that specializes in applied research, data collection and analysis to provide answers to a diverse range of questions from health, politics, education, transportation and economic growth related fields. Their intuitive interface gets you to the results you need in a few clicks, saving you valuable time.   

In an interview with Biashara newspaper, the company’s office administrator, Aletha Isaacs said Ndatara Surveys understand that to tackle all these problems, proper research needs to be conducted to generate useful information/ knowledge. “We understand that research is a key development of any nation and a significant determinant of health and productivity. It is also important for gaining knowledge making it useful for policymakers, planning and strategic action which are all critical to Africa’s development,” Isaacs said

Ndatara surveys believe that there is no point of researching if no knowledge is generated. They aim to create new knowledge, to understand people’s perspectives on things and to see how these perspectives change or have changed over time, along with learning how Africa works so that people can control and predict. “We are strongly curious to find out, to gain and to understand,” she added 

The company recently launched a cool study on the preference and attitudes of Namibians concerning a potential covid-19 vaccination in Namibia. Isaacs said that the results of this study will help to understand what shapes people’s willingness to be vaccinated, and how this will could be affected by external factors. As a token of appreciation, they are giving away N$500 vouchers to four lucky winners who participate in all the three waves of the study. 

If you have a study in mind but want to get knowledge, probability or costs? Drop them a line at You can also visit their website on to keep up with the latest happenings.

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