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Namibian employees in Dubai set for contract talks with the company CEO: Team Leader

Namibian employees who joined the Streit Security Vehicles FZ-LLC, a car assembling plant in Dubai will begin talks with the company CEO tomorrow over new contracts, the team leader has confirmed.

In an interview with Biashara newspaper, Matias Iilonga, the team leader of the Namibian employees in Dubai said that he is set to meet the company’s CEO on Sunday, the 11th of October 2020 to negotiate better deals, having seen their probation periods lapse in July this year. He added that their current remuneration is at a probation level.

“We have signed employment contracts on a probationary period of six (6) months, effective from February 1st, 2020 to allow a specific time period for us and the company management to assess suitability of the roles and the determine our capabilities. Rightfully, July 2020 should have been our last month of the probation, but nothing has happened until now. We were waiting for Covid-19 situation to ease for us to push for new contracts, but I have an appointment with the CEO tomorrow” Iilonga said.

The workers who joined the company in February this year said that apart from their contract issues, they are acquiring the much-needed skills and exposure to global best practices and which will help them contribute to capacity building and skills development should they return home.

“If you work at a car assembling company like Streit, you learn anything and everything from better time management to analytical and critical thinking skills. They also train you on health and safety protocols, among other workplace skills. We are exposed to skills that will serve us well in almost any other industry and that’s what every employee needs” he added.

Their current contracts are for 2 years with renewal options, depending on the performance of the individuals.

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