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Namibia presents its first Perfume Vending Machine

As innovation rises on the market, Exotic Scents Namibia introduced the first-ever perfume vending machine in Namibia. Mr. Ndeshipanda Titus Kaapangelwa, Marketing Executive and engineer by profession is the brain behind the great technology.

Biashara news understands that the perfume vending machine is a self-service technology that operates on notes in exchange for sprays. Like any other vending machine, payment is firstly done with a N$ 10.00 or N$ 20.00 note, and then the customer selects scent of choice from the five scents provided by the machine. The perfumes provided are of quality, original and do not leave on stains after use.

In an interview with Titus, he commented that the perfume vending machine was empowered by the self-service aspect which can be available anytime. Kaapangelwa claimed that “the perfume business is centered around creating the best value for its clients, and after the innovation, we have received massive applause from our clients’’. The fragrance industry is convenience everyone wants to smell exotic especially with quality original perfumes”.

“The encounters we faced with clients is fear and being sceptical to use it, as the machine is still quite new, the team is hard at work on more marketing and educating our clients on how to operate the machine, although it is not complicated” emphasized Kaapangelwa.

Bishara News visited the machine on Monday 06 October, which is located in the new Wernhil mall, installed besides Studio Seven immediately on your right as you make the entrance to the restrooms, at the moment customers were waiting to purchase their colognes. Vilio Muunda, a client, could not hide his joy after purchasing 3 sprays of Intense Oud. “this is a mile improvement in affordability and technology, I feel confident after smearing the colognes” he said. 

 The location was decided upon a survey conducted by the company and respondents agreed with Wernhil.

Exotic Scents Namibia is a fully established premium fragrance retailer and distributor that sells fragrances to everyone interested in good scents. The company is also working on new technology projects with convenience use and improved quality customer experience.

“The machine is model around the best value of our clients”

If you find yourself at Wernhil and need a new fresh smell, make a turn by Exotic perfume vending machine.

For more details:

Titus Kaapangelwa cell: +264 338 0369

Facebook: Exotica Scents Namibia

Twitter and Insta: exoticscents_na

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