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Namibia launches HVAC Association with Ministry of Trades

In cohesion with Ministry of Industrialization Trades and SME development, the Association of Heat, Ventilation  and Air-Cooling (HVAC) Namibia, officially launched its’ work on the 12 November 2020, Avani Hotel.

The remarks were delivered by the President of HVAC Association, Mr Parastus Nepolo stating that “the association was established to form a linkage between the stakeholders, government and board members in order to venture on partnership agreements. Implementing HVAC aims to regulate tenders, contracts and accommodate and market for SMEs work with other companies and reassure they comply with the government acts in the HVAC sector.

Our priority is to ensure quality services offered by our members and maintain a high quality level standard in all related sectors of HVAC”

The Ministry of Industrialization Trades and SMEs development, Acting Deputy Director Michael Humavindu applauded the association for being organically established. “HVAC should maintain its standards and identify all relevant keys to outgrow its vision and objectives, support climate change to save energy and become a manufacturing industry of refrigeration and air conditioners” said Mr. Hamuvindu.

HVAC is a non-profit organization with seven board members that appeals to all players in HVAC industry to register, as they would be facilitated with capital projects, market for them nationally and internationally as well as seek for partnership with other members and non-members and mostly collect database on the behalf of stakeholders within the industry at all times. Biashara news confirms.

Interested participants are called to register: companies will be charged N$2500.00 a year, contractors N$1000.00 yearly and individuals N$650.00 per year.

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