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Namaloe: Organic and Quality Aloe Vera Products

Namaloe is a local company founded by Risto Ashikoto in 2012, that produces and sells organic aloe vera products.

The local business produces a range of organic products with the main ingredient being aloe vera and no added chemicals. Bottled and labeled inside a room in Windhoek’s Otjomuise settlement at Ashikoto’s homestead, these products range from skincare, hair as well as healthcare products.

The gel from the aloe vera plant is known to have many benefits especially when it comes to skincare and health. Known to have many healing properties, aloe vera has been used as a treatment for cuts, acne, minor burns, dandruff, high blood pressure and rejuvenates skin cells.

Namaloe makes their product from aloe vera gel or aloe vera powder and mixes it with olive oil, honey, coconut oil and other natural products. Their products include face bar, tissue oil, hair food, hair conditioner and shampoo, immune booster, body lotion, face scrub and body wash. Ashikoto’s vision for Namaloe is to expand his company, stating that he would like to have set up a manufacturing factory by 2025 which he referred to as “Vision 2025”.

His dream is to be able to export Namaloe products to largely populated African countries like Nigeria, Ivory Coast, South Africa and many more. “So far, the Namaloe products may be found in all the regions across Namibia. The main focus is to always produce natural products and to create employment for the youth” Ashikoto said. He also added that getting the aloe vera is a challenge since the company does not grow their own. On the Brightside, business is going well and he would appreciate funding for production machinery.

There is no doubt that Namaloe is the next best thing in Namibia as Mr. Ashikoto is taking on every opportunity presented to him, taking over the health and beauty industry in no time. Namaloe is an employer of 4 employees. In April 2021, Namaloe’s founder started a youth employment programme that provides training to unemployed graduates with the aim of equiping them with the necessary skills in entrepreneurship and the manufacturing industry. This initiative is voluntary, with 40 young Namibians attached to the programme thus far.

Currently, there is no website but Ashikoto is always advertising his products on his social media platforms; he never misses a chance to inform the public that a little aloe vera is needed. So, next time you find yourself in Wenhil be on the lookout for the Namaloe stand. Their products can also be found at the local Merchant store and at the Ristore Trading Enterprises CC workshop in Otjomuise as well as at the Namibia craft center.

Check out Risto Ashikoto on LinkedIn and Facebook or contact him on: Cell: 0814666776 or via email:

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