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Millennium Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Celebrates 19 years of excellence

Multi-business owner, President of Heat Ventilation and Cooling Association of Namibia and Managing Director of Millennium Refrigeration and Electrical services, Mr. Parastus Nepolo urges his employees during Covid-19 to be products of excellence and strive for higher electrical and technical services in the country.

In an interview with Biashara News, Mr. Nepolo claims “the company has grown gradually but its success lies in the impact it has displayed in its employees, as majority are now self-employed through sub-contracts in the electrical and refrigeration industry. The company has marked its equipment’s in government and private organizations countrywide.  Its greatest remark is portrayed in technical vocational graduates that have completed their internships at the company, now serving high rank positions in Namibia.

The company currently stands at 11 branches countrywide and two abroad based in Luanda and Kigali all employing Namibian products with the priority of delivering quality electrical services to Africans. Improving the economy one needs to groom its services abroad and invest in foreign currency, furthermore promote self-employment so that business assist fresh graduates, said Mr. Nepolo.

Millennium services compliments the climate conditions as they promote energy efficient products by installing inverter type air conditioning that produce air particles with no harmful gasses. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the company has accomplished government policy to keep employees and not cut salaries. With a total succession plan the company has now established its wing, the first ever vocational digital institution in Namibia, which is to commence in February 2021.

“Our wealth lies in transforming Namibia into the best technical environment to implement great technologies.”

´The Company has aid in 300 housing projects in Okahao equipped with Millennium electricals and still wants to grow the country through creating a conducive environment for all. This will reflect more progress as we address new ways to live during the catastrophe of Covid-19 through technological ways, said Mr. Nepolo. Although his wish is to see government eliminate its rates since traders need to operate and grow rather to completely collapse. “Times are tough and we need to complement each other so we survive”.

Millennium Refrigeration and Electrical Services is a Namibian based company committed to providing the highest quality in refrigeration and air conditioning services by skilled engineers and technicians, with 11 branches countrywide.

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