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Mikosa Trading, Setting a Trail in Local Furniture Making

There is nothing as exciting as discovering a new skill, it’s almost as great as finding money in your pockets on your brokest day. That is how MIKOSA Trading came about. Founder, Hosea Mitere Geingob was tasked by his mother to get someone to work her home kitchen cupboards, and when the person tasked with the work did not show up, Mitere went to work on it himself. A first for him, as he had never done anything remotely close to woodwork, but the work was impressive that it bore the initial idea of starting a business.

MIKOSA Trading is a local woodwork and joinery company, sorely owned by Mitere. The name MIKOSA is a combination of Mitere and his 2 brothers’ names that is Mitere, Koreni and Sakaria. Keeping it close to home. The Rundu based company makes and installs modern furniture, and also couriers their products nationwide.

“Locally, you look at the big furniture businesses, and they are all foreign, and the two furniture making companies in Rundu have been making the same type of furniture for decades. I saw a gap in the market and took it. So now I make modern furniture. We work with wood, metal, glass, plastic and even textiles.” Mitere said.

Although Mitere is self-taught in the work he does, he has a background in Fitting and Machining. After high school, he did a short stint at the International University of Management (IUM) for a course in Marketing, but could not complete it due to circumstances. He then enrolled at Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) where he completed Year 1 and 2 in a Fitting and Machining Course. Again, he could not complete the course, but this time due to a fail in Mathematics.

“I have never been good in Mathematics. And when I failed it, I could not proceed to the third year. But with the level 1 and 2 I had, I was able to do the work required of me. See, the papers stay at home, it’s the people who come to work” he added.

Currently, the business operates from a workshop in Mitere’s house, but plans to open a showroom either at the end of 2021 or early 2022, where finished products can be displayed and sold to walk-in clients. The business has employed 2 other employees who also get on the job training. This is the pride of Mitere’s work, knowing that at the end of the day, he is able to give employment opportunities to others.

MOKOSA has a long list of reputable clients. They are the main maintenance company for Rundu Standard Bank, Bears and OK Funiture shops. Some of the work the company had done includes the new Nkurenkuru IUM kitchen, all Premier Sports Trading shops nationwide, and  Caanan Road Maintenance and Construction company. They have also done some work at Etosha Game Reserve as a subcontractor. They are able to travel anywhere in the country for work.

Most of the clients they’ve gotten by word of mouth although every now and then they run adverts on social media. That’s how good you are when your work speaks for itself.

Although he has learnt and continues to learn a lot from tutorials on YouTube, Mitere stresses that that shouldn’t be the only basis of learning. To get into such a business, it’s important to first work as an apprentice, to learn from someone. Jump into it, make mistakes and learn from them.

Not everyone is for the suit and tie jobs, and that is okay because someone has got to make the furniture. Right?

When he is not busy in his home workshop making beautiful work, Mitere likes BMX riding and relaxing with loved ones. You can check him out and some of his work on his Instagram: Antes Mitere.

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