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Mickey’s Laundry, Offering Free Pickup and Delivery Services in Ondangwa

Mickey’s laundry is a cleaning service dedicated to giving you a one-stop, all-inclusive laundering and dry cleaning service, catering to all your washing and ironing requirements in Ondangwa.

Owned by Frieda Mandume, the Ondangwa-based laundry service provides state of the art laundry and ironing services at your doorstep, at a time convenient to you. Talking to Biashara news, Mandume said she started the business to generate some money for her day to day expenses.

“I started this business to earn some money to pay for my copies and also for courier services when applying for jobs,” Mandume said. She added that the coronavirus pandemic left a lot of graduates including herself in unemployment limbo; most of the companies and institutions are hardly recruiting and internships are scarce more than ever due to the work-from-home situation.

“I really didn’t like it when I was depending on my relatives for almost everything. I understand the employment situation in our country and everything, but bills still need to be paid. So, I had to look for new ways to generate an income to ensure that I can afford the basic needs like making copies and printing” Mandume explained.

Mickey’s laundry was established last year in October. They do laundry home calls or pickups and they also clean apartments in the town of Ondangwa and the surrounding areas. “I will come to your house, pick up your clothes, wash, dry and fold/hang the clothes, as per your needs, and deliver them back to you within 24 hours. Every item of clothing is handled with care and is washed and dried with special attention considering its delicate needs” Mandume added.

Their target markets are people who are mostly occupied and hardly get time to do their laundry or clean up their places. Mickey’s laundry takes care of your premium and ‘handle with care’ clothes under this service by taking care of the stains and by protecting the texture, color and shrinkage of the garment to the best of their abilities.

Whether it’s that white formal shirt, bedsheets that you like so much, that precious dress or your children’s school uniforms, rest assured, that Mickey’s laundry shall return them to you cleaner, softer and wrapped with care. You can call them on +264 81 315 8955.

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