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Meraki Consultancy- Leading a Customer Service-Focused Brand 

As a customer, what experiences with a company have stood out to you more — their marketing tactics, or their customer service? Most likely the latter. Customer support shouldn’t be an afterthought; happy customers come from excellent service and are your best advocates, even better than your most talented marketers.

That’s why we introduce you to Meraki Consultancy, a Namibian owned company that offers various staff training services aimed to improve your company’s revenue while providing legendary customer service. Established in 2019, the company offers, to companies, sufficient & effective training skills to help you gain a complete understanding of how customer service training benefits your business.

This company is run by a high-profile and experienced Hendrina Amakali, a Spa manager with a Managerial OWS qualification, ITEC & CIDESCO International Diploma. Ms Amakali is also an Aesthetician (health & wellness) who possess over 4 years’ of experience in managerial position onboard cruise lines working for OneSpaWorld in the US, with which she completed her customer & revenue related modules.

Ms Amakali’s core competency is customer service, that’s why she understands that customers are your best growth opportunity and every employee should be working hard to keep them happy, whether from the position of a marketer, executive assistant, or customer service representative.

Together with her able team of customer service experts, they would love to lend a helping hand and make a difference in the revenue streams of companies at the same time ensuring that proper customer service is made a top priority. Meraki Consultancy’s goal is to help companies to improve customer service & point out areas to improve in order to start generating income by making the best out of everything opportunity within the business.

The company offers the following services:

  • Objection Training: 

How to overcome objections from clients

  • DISC Training :

Personality training helps you understand how to deal with different clients

  • Solution Sales Training:

This training is revenue based and gives a basic understanding of sales and how to effectively close a sale.

  • Upgrading + Cross Promoting:

How to keep the revenue circulating around the business. Having clients spend within the business and preventing them to spend elsewhere

  • Courtesy Call Training :

Will cover a professional way to conversate with a client after they purchased a product with you. Following up to ensure that they are loving the product.

  • General revenue Training :

This training covers technique’s on how to think out of the box and maximizing every revenue-making opportunity.

  • Customer Service:

Here we will be covering tips and tools on how to ensure the client leaves your premises with a huge “smile”

Keep your customers happy by making use of their services and stay on top of your competition. Contact them on +264 81 312 6358 or their WhatsApp number + +1 (786) 210-6622. You can also email them for a quotation on

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