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Meet the Face behind the Biashara Brand- She Says “The Only Direction Now Is Up”

Linea Shitenga (22) is the brand ambassador for Biashara Online newspaper. Having joined the team early this year, she believes that the responsibility that comes with promoting such a major brand, far surpasses simply writing promotional contents and other news stories- clients need to see how their brands are represented, through the articles while also enhancing moments of enjoyment, inclusivity or gender equality. 

Who is Linea Shitenga?

I want to reintroduce myself this year 2021. I am Linea Toucky Shitenga. I am a brand ambassador and promoter of Biashara Online Newspaper. Biashara is an online newspaper that also offers digital marketing services. At Biashara we do impactful video marketing, social media management, and we are helping businesses to have an online presence, creating Websites and different applications. On top of that, I am a writing consultant. If you want to put something into perspective, holla at me. We can write stuff for your property (hotel, office block, restaurant, business, Association etc.). This 2021, we will be sharing a whole lot of stuff about social media and marketing your company.

What are you most proud of in the way your career has evolved?

Over the past years, I managed to promote a few brands (legends brand, through thick and thin brand), managed a few social media pages and it was a wonderful experience. When I joined the Biashara team, I transitioned into a space where I am enjoying my marketing career. I have a lot of creative control over my content and those of our clients too. Since Biashara is a prominent brand with a big name to it, it’s very easy to get deals, unlike small establishments which people mostly doubt. Biashara also gives free coverage to businesses, I find it very nice. Who doesn’t want to market with a newspaper that has over 100 000 views on a same price you pay for a WhatsApp status for 24hours? Lol

My most marked characteristic is:

Perfectionism. I give whatever I do 100%, whether it’s work-related or fun, I always go for perfection. I am always promoting something, that’s how busy I am, and I must believe, I love to see businesses prosper.

One question I have heard in my profession:

How sure can I be that people will buy my products if I market with you? This comes mostly from a onetime client and I don’t blame them for it. But, I like to make people understand that the relationship between marketing and sales is irrevocably interconnected, and recognizing where each team specializes and how they can come together to generate growth is certainly on top of our mind here at Biashara. 

It’s much easier to ensure sales for your business when we are doing social media marketing for you because we control your social media presence and that includes reputation management. But if we post your artwork and people hate you for posting hate speeches on social media all because the phone number/ email you provided on the artwork does not go through, then we are not to blame for the lack of results. 

Traditional or digital marketing?

Digital all the way, cheap, available every time and easy to store and retrieve! While many Marketing Agencies rush to abandon digital marketing in favor of traditional marketing (because it has existed for the longest time); at Biashara we have bolstered our online marketing capabilities while expanding our team with seasoned professionals to support our clients’ digital needs.

Most of our clients want us to connect with their audience to build their brands, raise awareness (especially for the less popular brands), increase sales, and drive website traffic. This is something only digital marketing can achieve easily. Although I am a big fan of print media, I became lazy to step out and grab a hardcopy of a newspaper. With tablets, smartphones, gadgets, appliances and more of which people can interact with each other through the Internet, I see no need for printed materials. I know it sounds like something from a Sci-Fi thriller, but this is what the projected 24 billion gadgets by the year 2022 will actually head to if we are not already there.

On costs and time saving:

The kind of services Biashara offers will help you save costs. Having a well-managed social media platform, for example, helps you to actively engage your audience in relevant ways within a short time. The information is also spread fast and you are mostly guaranteed service reliability at lower implementation costs. Prices are so low for the type of exposure you are getting.

Must have for any business, start-up or in existence: 

Social media presence, a website and a brand that is well marketed. Also, your business needs a unique identity, because, in an increasingly competitive marketplace, your brand needs to appeal to the consumer; it needs to prompt a psychological trigger that works to attract him/her. Both tangible and intangible aspects align in forming your overall brand image. 

About social media marketing:

Managing a business social media page is very different from managing a personal page. You must ask yourself what your overall company goals are and how social media fits into achieving these goals. How are you going to measure ROI? How are you going to schedule content to be delivered across multiple platforms? How are you going to do keyword targeting so your social media lines up with your SEO strategies? How are you going to drive traffic to your site from social? Social media marketing requires expertise and experience to work effectively.

By hiring a social media agency like Biashara, you’ll be able to take your brand to the next level. Not only will you have an entire team dedicated to social media at your disposal as opposed to one individual juggling several different roles in one job, but you’ll also gain expert advice from industry professionals. Spend your time doing what will help your business. Let social marketing be done by us who understand it.

Contact Linea on :

                                +264 81 608 4222

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