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Mahangu thresher, threshes

When a good balance of rain hit the ground, farmers dance with hearts full of happiness and contentment as they know the availability of water will impact their agricultural productivity and revenue. Many small scale farmers in the north of Namibia reached that time of the year to harvest their ‘mahangu’ fields. 

As they harvest, the mahangu millet is left to completely dry before there are threshed. Many local businessmen and women invested in mahangu threshers to make a living. A mahangu thresher threshes grain by removing the seeds from the stalk and shell which leaves kernels to be packed in containers for consumption. This process saves a lot of time and labour as it takes a few hours to thresh mahangu compared to old times threshing ways. Owners of these machines have different prices per 50 kg bag however, Linus Mahangu Thresher Investment cc; charge a low price per 50kg bag. They are based in Oshakati yet flexible; wherever you call them to come they will come. 

Linus, the owner emphasized that when he started this business, he only wanted to help out at home as they had harvested a lot of mahangu that year and his parents didn’t have enough manpower to thresh. It turns out, many people wanted help throughout the neighborhood. The business started booming and he never looked back. A few of his customers narrated that Linus and his team are doing a good job by helping the community with threshing their mahangu easily and in style.

Contact Linus Mahangu Thresher at +264812093783/+264815813570.

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