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Lay a good foundation for your child with Goldrige Tutorial foundation

The future of your child depends on the quality of education that they get, when you properly educate a child, you shape a future for them.

Goldridge Tutorial Hub is a tutorial center based in Windhoek where you can be guaranteed of your children being transformed into superior individuals for a better tomorrow by opening their minds. The effort that you put into your child’s education determines their performance. Providing quality education for your child lays a solid foundation for them, empowers, enlighten and enables them to be able to contribute to the socio and economic development in the society and for them to grow up as responsible and useful citizens.

The ongoing pandemic has put us in a place where the fate of our children in terms of quality education is unknown. It is evident that learners no longer receive the education that they are supposed to get, however, the pandemic disruption should not affect the quality of education that children deserve. Goldridge Tutorial Hub brings you the ultimate educational lessons, where learners are taught on a one-on-one approach in order to meet individual learning differences in children. Their aim is to elevate learners, open their mind and assure them better grades in all learning areas. They offer massive revision of work covered as we taping into the work to come.

When learners are not going to their respective school due to covid-19 regulations, Goldridge then fills that gap, giving attention to individual learners, making sure that they fully understand the content that they are taught in school and reinforce it. They offer morning as well as afternoon sessions for all subjects and grades. With Goldridge, parents are guaranteed an excellent and superior education for their children at the most affordable expenses.

Every child has the right to quality education, despite the pandemic circumstances that are beyond our control children’s education should be prioritized, parents or guardians should strive by all means to make sure that their children excel.

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