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Kholoco Flowers for love, death

Kholoco flowers does not just deliver beautifully arranged flowers, they also thrive in offering great customer services. You name your favorite flowers, their specifications and they deliver your bouquet/order right to your doorstep or location of choice.

Kholoco flowers is owned by Mr. Thomas Shigwedha, a young man who first just wanted to order a bouquet of flowers for his partner and get them delivered to her doorstep. Her reaction was priceless and the thought of seeing other people beam with happiness came to mind. He thought, “What if I make a flower shop? Will I have customers?” As the young man is narrating his story, his face was full of excitement and smiles every minute. He continues to explain that, many men came to his shop ordering flowers for their spouses. Some spouses come back and showed their gratitude and appreciated the gesture.

As business picked up the pace and the clientele grew, he collaborated with his mother and it became a family business. They ventured into other flower arrangements such as making wreaths and a lot of flowers used at funerals and wedding bouquets for brides and bridesmaid. Kholoco Flowers was no longer a small business as it started to feed the entire family and made a little profit. They began to get customers wanting flowers for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and literally flowers for every occasion. We asked, “Mr. Shigwedha, where do you buy your flowers?” He smiled and explained that he has a supplier from South Africa. Although sadly, he elaborated that the land in our country isn’t suitable to grow roses and other flowers hence he gets his flowers from the neighbouring country.

His partner who was busy arranging a wreath as well as grinning, proudly elucidates that the protea flower makes them more money as it is most bride’s favorite choice at their weddings. Red and white roses are favorites as they represent romance, peace, passion and unity at events.

Kholoco Flowers is based in Oshakati, contact them for your needs at +264816266030/+264816620142.

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