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Ivan’s Home Away From Home

Support black business, they say. But is the black business community living up to its hype? For many, maybe-but for this young man’s business, it is. Inok Villa is more or less a guest villa that accommodates guests in Oshakati. It is newly established and it looks lavishing.

Inok Villa features two beautiful fully furnished open plan bedrooms, so spacious you could park your car in there while you snuggle peacefully. The rooms have en-suite bathrooms, Wi-Fi connectivity, air conditions as well as an entertainment area where guests relax as they sip on their favorite beverages. Ivan Hamukwaya, the owner of Inok Villa just had a dream of owning a series of affordable accommodation which caters for travellers from different parts of the country. He planned and executed his idea in style as it has become a beautiful reality. Ivan preaches hard work, determination and resilience if one wants to make their dreams come true.

When you enter the room, you immediately feel the calm atmosphere that almost had me lying down and take a nap. I asked, how much is per night for this comfortably beautiful room? Ivan smiled and responded, “For a mere N$ 350-00, you get to sleep on our comfortable beds, make use of the free Wi-Fi connectivity and if you don’t have your gadget, we got you covered with a stay in laptop. Our rooms are also installed with a television. It really is a bargain if you ask me.”

Inok Villa is located in a safe and secured neighbourhood of Ekuku-Oshakati, ERF 6, alongside the main road to Okatana. Contact Inok Villa on +264 81 210 6192. Inok Villa is indeed; comfortable-unique and friendly.

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