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Namibia the beautiful semi-desert country has gone through so much/many changes to get where she is today. A country with a government that prides itself in being democratic & for the people, has surely missed the point of what being a democratic nation entails.

Yes! A free and fair election is held every 5 years but is that all that being a democratic state is?

After 31 years of claimed independence Namibians live as slaves in their own country. Slavery comes in more than one way. Enslaved by their leaders to the western world. Yes, after 31 years of independence their children have the freedom to choose which path to follow, but yet again end up on the streets after all those choices. Multinational companies like Shoprite are abusing their power and using the high unemployment rate to overwork and underpay Namibians; one would call this the modern-slavery regime.

Namibia is known to be a peaceful nation but one cannot stand and wonder if whether they are just peaceful or rather clinch to the idea of having peace after having being colonized for so many years. What would the fallen heroes who fought for this independent Namibia say about Namibia today? Would they be happy to have given up their lives for today’s Namibia?

A country liberated by so many just to be enslaved by greed 31 years later. Our children wake up to a failed education system with a blurry future. Our women wake up fearing for their lives and the lives of their children. Our fathers and brothers wake up to jobs that cannot make ends meet. With depression is not taken seriously and our leaders keep asking why they are taking so many of their women’s lives as though we live in an uninformed uneducated nation.

The land which was fought for by Namibians for Namibians cannot be owned by Namibians because half the population cannot afford to buy land in their own country. Leaders are stuck on a broken dream of vision 2030 which they keep holding on to, failing to see that their people are suffering and that the dream is just impossible to achieve.

The nation is brainwashed to think in 9 years’ time things will change for the better. But how can vision 2030 come to be after so much has gone wrong? Should we not focus on solving today’s problems to build a better tomorrow? 31 years later, Namibia is broken and the nation has nothing but corrupt leaders to look forward to.


Hi, my name is Colleen Muruko

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