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If you are looking for any software or IT solution, Voraltex should be your first option

With the growing focus on automation and technology, there has been a consistent boom as far as the IT sector is concerned. Voraltex a Namibian based company provides end-to-end IT solutions for government, state agencies and corporations. With headquarters in Windhoek, the company is one of Namibia premier hardware & software solutions provider.

Biashara team visited Voraltex’s offices in Windhoek where we discussed with Jane Toivo, the company’s Business Analyst who expounded that the company provides some of the most important and impactful software solutions for businesses across Africa.

“Over the past years, we have done a lot of web development & hosting, mobile app development, infrastructure upgrade and penetration testing. We have also spanned a wide array of functionality from data analytics, business intelligence to workflow tools, sales enablement, and security, among other solutions” Toivo said.

As the world enters a new millennium, corporations are continuously looking for ways to effectively reach their target markets with most businesses opting for e-marketing, e-recruitment and other internet-based services. Toivo said that many companies and institutions have websites where they upload all their data and it’s a pity that they think their information is safe there.

“Many people tell me that their websites are safe. Why? Because ‘who will bother to attack my website?” or ‘our business is too small for anyone to hack’ Oh please!” She giggled

She cautioned that while the internet makes business easy, the websites and the data are under attack from unknown hackers; which is why companies like Voraltex exist to provide security protection from such hackers. She added that the issue of security in IT is underrated and people do not understand the impact it has on the business.

“There is also this popular fallacy that attackers on the internet always target particular sites, they don’t. Yes, some do, but most attacks are made to any vulnerable site, by hackers who do not even know a thing about you, your business, or your website” Toivo warned.

Voraltex also offers IT training & certification to individuals who are currently working in the IT sector or those who want to move into a role where they will be responsible for managing and deploying IT security.  This training offers skills and understanding needed to meet the challenges of this rapidly evolving IT field.

“Between 2017 and today, Voraltex has helped 200+ graduates and employees from around the continent get closer to achieving their career goals in the field of IT. Now it’s your turn” Toivo emphasized.

While opportunities for work experience in the IT sector have been thin on the ground lately, this training provides individuals with a variety of ways that can improve their employability; all it takes is a bit of initiative and commitment.

“In addition to self-employment, after completing our short training, you will also be in a better position of securing employment in the following roles: Security Consultant, Information Security Analyst, Technology Analyst, Systems and Networks Security Engineer, IT Security and Governance Officer” Toivo added.

Our readers can visit the Voraltex website for more details:  

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