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If There Is No Job for the Graduates, the Only Option Is Creating One for Themselves

Nothing is more frustrating than waking up not knowing where your next coin or bread will come from. The most depressing thing is graduating from an institution and staying at home without getting a job for years; it’s for this reason that a group of graduates from different fields came together to create employment opportunity for themselves, at the same time giving back to the community.

EFELE investment CC is a construction and consultancy company formed up by a team of graduates from different fields who conspired to work together and provide employment for themselves. The team consists of individuals from every expertise in the field of construction, allowing them to combine innovative construction methods and accountable project management to get the job done and get it done in the right way. The company has a great team of construction graduates who provide professional client-focused construction solutions and ensure that every project is successfully completed.

The company consists of boilermakers, welders, Architectures, bricklayers, electricians, coordinators, marketers, financial analysts and real estate agents for consultancy. The team values quality and hard work, integrity and honesty, customer-first mindset and satisfaction as well as professional and competent services. According to Tissa Katenda, it is a pleasure working with people who have the same mindset and goal as him. 

“Working at EFELE does not only provide me with an employment opportunity but also with an opportunity to excel in the field that I like and enjoy the most. Working as a financial analyst here helps the company make well informed financial decisions by highlighting, researching and reporting on financial information as well as monitoring financial movements within the market” Katenda said.

Their services include professional building plans, bricklaying and plastering, electrical, welding, maintenance, paintings, plumping and many more. The team told Biashara news that they will not wait and sit at home waiting for the government to employ them, but they will rather use the skills and knowledge that they have acquired to do something profitable and productive for themselves and society.

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