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Human Resources Desk: Interview Mistakes to Avoid

In 2020 alone, roughly 114 million people lost their jobs due to the Covid-19. A high rate considering that the global economy took a dive prior to the pandemic. Businesses have been affected greatly, many continue to cut losses by continually letting go of their staff. Resulting in very few companies hiring, and a great number of job seekers.

Job seeking is always a tiring and sometimes demotivating process. But from time to time there is hope in the form of an invitation to interviews. Preparing for an interview is quite stressful because this where you have an opportunity to prove yourself. A lot of preparations are needed to make sure you impress the interviewing panel. You would want to give information to show that you are the right candidate, and that you fully understand what is required of you and that your values and vision clearly align with the company’s.

While you may feel the need to say impressive things to pique the interviewers’ interest and stand out, make sure to not make some very common mistakes that may show you in a bad light and or get you into trouble later.

When applying for a specific position, first understand the job responsibilities pertaining to the position. Before the interview, thoroughly research about the company and what it does. You can do this by going through the company’s website (if they have one), and read up as much as you can. This will help you avoid asking questions in the interview that can be answered by simply reading their website.

The pressure of bagging a job may sometimes drive people to exaggerate on their CVs about their skills and experiences. DO. NOT! Not only will there be consequences once caught, but you will also lose your credibility. Your skills (or lack thereof) will soon be evident enough, so lying about them is not a bright idea. Avoid lying about such things by either explaining where you do not necessarily possess a required skill set, or refraining from disclosing information that might not be required for the job.

Another mistake to avoid like the plague is being too relaxed in the interview. Naturally, interviews require that you show some level of confidence. But it should not border on arrogance. Find a balance. You would want to create a positive perception of yourself in the interview in order to be hired, but don’t be cocky or overly confident. Show professionalism by being serious and friendly.

Yes, the interviewers want to know more about you. They are interested in how your abilities and values can better contribute to the growth of their company. So, avoid talking about yourself in terms of what you expect to achieve by working for them, but tell them how you can add value to the company in the long run.

Last but not least, avoid speaking of your current or former employer in a negative way. How you speak of your current or former employee says so much about you as a person. When you did not part with your former employer on good terms, it becomes tricky to answer why you left. Vaguely touch on it by acknowledging that there was an issue, indicate that you gained knowledge in the job, and how that knowledge will help you in the future job.

There are many more interview mistakes people make which affect their chances. As long as you are well prepared and avoid these mistakes, you stand a better chance to ace that interview and get the job. Make sure to follow people who may be in the industry or profession you are interested in on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

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