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Habesha signs an MOU with the Embassy of Tanzania

On Friday, 30 May 2021, Habesha Africa’s Directors met with representatives from Tanzanian embassy in Namibia to sign a Memorandum of Understanding, enabling the two parties to stimulate and reinforce the trade and economic development between Namibia and Tanzania.

The MOU includes a number of key features that will help build collaboration and encourage cooperation between the two countries, on matters of economic transformation, promoting economic growth and opportunities for businesses in the technical sectors, education, food processing, construction, technology devices, culture, entertainment, tourism and hospitality; and encouraging open trade relationships between Namibia and Tanzania.

Speaking during the signing, Habesha Africa’s Managing Director, Mr Parastus Nepolo said that they are determined to fill the market gap with what they can produce in Namibia and he remains very optimistic that with the support of the recently signed MOU, they can deliver more. Nepolo who also has a company in Tanzania added that Namibia has so much to offer and by signing this MOU, the relationship between the two nations will be strengthened.

“I’m very pleased with this MOU, it means we’ll be working more closely together throughout that next phase and beyond. I have also realized that there are some products on the Tanzanian market that are produced in Namibia, and I do think, we can extend products such as this to Tanzania at the same time importing what they have that is not found here” he said.

The MOU takes effect immediately and will be in place for an infinite period. It will be reviewed (at least) annually and is expected to evolve as both parties progress in their work.

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