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Give Your Problems A Voice; Talk To Frency

Most people face mental health challenges at one point or another in their lifetime. Occasional grief, stress, financial hardships and sadness are normal. But if you’re experiencing persistent or severe mental health challenges, it’s time to get help.

We have sat in bars with friends in their late 50s, who remember bad things that happened to them 20 or 30 years ago. Maybe it was an awful divorce, a spouse who cheated and some people never recover from being cheated on.

We have talked to people who have been betrayed big time. People who lost money and their investments because they trusted friends or family members, or through sports betting and you can sense the enduring bitterness that altered into a certain sadness that never leaves their side.

We talk to women who have been raped and you can’t be angry enough. Imagine living the rest of your life with an uncle who raped you and was protected by the family. Scars linger for good. The pain endured is irreversible and it is everlasting. Nothing compares to it.

Sometimes, it is the death of our siblings, friends, co-workers or our significant others. Death has a stinking surprise to all of us and some people leave when we least expect and we can’t be angry at them. And it leaves us hollow.

Sometimes, you only had one shot. One-shot to finish college, or perish the idea. One shot to make your marriage work, or forget about it. One shot to keep that one job you had, you squandered it. One shot to treat your loved one right, but you are too proud. One shot to get 50% and graduate but you fell to 45%, and it’s another extra year in college.

To live is to navigate these disappointments. They lied; time sometimes makes things worse. If time is healer, sometimes, it is the horrible medication with horrible side effects.  To be an adult is to live in doubt. So many ifs. So many what-ifs. Could have, should have, would have, and ought to have.

Good thing is, help is always available. Whether you’re feeling unsafe or a situation begins to escalate into a crisis, reaching out for help is important. Frency Joseph a young Namibian lady, offers help to people who want to give their problems a voice.

She started when she was just a teen at S.I Gob Secondary school where she would be tasked to offer counselling to those that were fighting different life battles. Like most of young people, Frency’s story is relatable; in 2018, she registered for a course in HR, but due to financial problems, she was unable to finish it. She had it rough, suffered several traumas but managed to find a way to heal by helping others. Today, she has a mentorship business called “Frency Your advisor” which offers advice on several life topics to thousands of individuals within Namibia.

She tackles love issues, financial literacy, relationship problems and academic depression. Frency understands that one error of judgement on your part, or on someone’s part, becomes a scar that someone has to bear until the kingdom comes. It robs people their joy. It robs people their contentment.

For a small consultation fee, your problems will be solved. Reach out to her on +264 81 645 8528. You can also email her for bookings on

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