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Get Rid of Cockroaches with CH CARE Services-Windhoek

 Tired of seeing cockroaches crawl on your sink, running down the pipe hole, lurking over a pile of garbage or resting peacefully in the corners of your refrigerator? We all are. 

It’s assumed that the association between humans and cockroaches is quite remarkable. These rapidly adapting insects have followed humans as pets from the time when our ancestors lived in caves to now when we have moved to modern houses.

Everyone is stressed by their appearance, especially in the kitchen; we can all agree that there is no single home in Namibia which has not been shared with cockroaches. In our search for businesses and services which are of great importance to our readers, we bumped ourselves into CH Care, a Windhoek based service provider, which specializes in the elimination of cockroaches and bed bugs in homes, schools, hospitals, offices, restaurants and wherever cockroaches may be found. 

The Windhoek based company is respected for its premium quality fumigants approved made in South Africa, but mostly for the fact that the products they use are:

  • Children and pets friendly
  • Food storage and handling friendly
  • Professional and prompt team

With their services, almost all adverse effects of bugs and germs are eliminated from the area through these services without incurring any side effect to human health. The company also gives its customers a guarantee period. They are ready to extend their services to the rest of Namibia. Request for the price on book for their service by contacting them on WhatsApp by clicking on the following link:,%20please%20Give%20me%20A,%F0%9F%99%8F%F0%9F%8F%BF%20%20quatation%20%20My%20Location%20%20Is_ . They are tried, tested and referenced! They also respond immediately.

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