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Gazza Urges Corporates to Emulate Top Score in Using Local Musicians for Promotions

Gazza told the Biashara newspaper that while not all corporates believe in local talents, having a musician market a product can be a powerful tool for marketing, also lauding Top Score’s feature of Nigga Get Rich in their recent promos. “Musicians are able to promote everything from products to services and even social causes. We also have substantial social networks and people are always interested in the trends and products that we endorse”, Gazza said.

The Chelete hit maker, who is also the brand ambassador for Windhoek Draught says that corporates need to have faith in local artists because they have a potential to make the brands stand out. “It is sad that despite the number of influential artists and celebrities we have in the country, you still see billboards with models you do not know. Corporates need to understand that having a well-known celebrity or artist on your ads drives the sales of many products. “These days, celebrity advertisements can tap into the social media following of that particular celebrity, which is direct access to thousands of eyes for a product in addition to the credibility of a celebrity endorsement” he added.

Gazza, who enjoyed a lengthy and healthy relationship with Namibia Breweries Limited said that the relationship between musicians and brands is a mainstay of marketing. He urged artists to market themselves and be good brand ambassadors. He added that consumers expect artists to serve as connectors between them and the brands they promote, whether that means fostering connections with the brand through their music or bringing people together with different perspectives.

“Deciding what you give your time to as an artist is really important; you have a wonderful kind of fortune, being a musical artist gives you a certain amount of influence, so the selection is super important. Audiences can sense insincerity in a heartbeat and endorsing a product for the wrong reasons will destroy your artistic credibility”, he warned.

Gazza said that he promotes many local brands through his social media platforms for free as long as they are not conflicting with the endorsement deals he gets paid for.

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